Lead Generation and Conversion Problems- Is Your Website Working For You?

If you run or are about to launch an online business, getting traffic to your site and converting them to customers fast is the major challenge your business will face. Without traffic, your business stands little chance for success. Lead generation and conversion is therefore something you’ll need to engage in every day. As far as generating leads and converting them into buyers goes, most online businesses fall under one of the following categories:

  • Doesn’t get targeted traffic to turn into leads
  • Gets targeted traffic that don’t turn into leads
  • Gets leads who don’t convert into buyers

Each category poses a unique problem that needs to be solved. If your business, falls under any one of these categories, read on to find the suitable solutions.

The website needs targeted traffic
If you want leads, the traffic that lands on your website needs to be targeted and interested in what your business has to offer. There are several ways through which you can generate targeted traffic. They include SEO, SEM, Social Media Marketing and PPC.

Although these are all different strategies, they have one thing in common; the use of highly targeted keywords to attract targeted traffic.Therefore, if your website attracts a huge percentage of non-targeted traffic your initial steps should involve conducting keyword research to find search terms your target market is using to find what your business offers online.

The site’s traffic don’t turn into leads
A lead is a person or business that contacts you with the intention of finding out more about your offer. If you manage to drive targeted traffic to your site, your goal should be to turn them into leads. This makes it easy to follow up and possibly make a sale immediately or in the future.
How you turn online traffic to leads largely depends on your type of business and the type of offer you’re selling.
Some businesses and offers require the traffic be converted into leads and buyers within a short period. For example, if you deal with coupon codes, you want the site visitors to get the codes and use them immediately. Lead generation and conversion will therefore involve placing the coupon codes on every page on your site. You might also consider collecting site visitor email addresses in order to send them new coupon offers on a regular basis.

For other businesses, turning traffic to leads might require first collecting email addresses and then following up with promotional messages through email marketing. In such cases, you will need to create dedicated and optimized lead capture pages through which you can give a free giveaway in exchange for your prospect’s email address.

Other things you should do to turn traffic to leads include ensuring your site visitors have a means to contact you and, making them aware of your offer.

The leads don’t convert into buyers
If a lead contacts you, it doesn’t mean that they’ll buy from your business. In some instances, the lead isn’t ready to buy and is just collecting information about your business and its offer. This is a common thing in most online businesses. However, if a huge percentage of your leads aren’t converting into buyers, there might be a problem. It will require some testing to know exactly what the problem is. Some of the things you should look at when trying to understand why leads aren’t converting include the following:
– How did the lead get to your site? (the sites and keywords they used to get to your site)
– At what part of the buying funnel is the lead? (awareness, interest, consideration, conversion)
– Does your offer clearly solve the lead’s pressing problem? (promotional copy, customer support)
By understanding how your lead got to your site, where they are in the buying funnel and analyzing your ability to influence them to buy into your offer, you’ll be in a better position to tweak your conversion strategy and drive sales up.

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  1. Rene Reply

    The same guidelines will be applied to all potential leads before they are placed within the process, so all leads will be good potential customers. Time won’t be wasted courting customers who have no interest in your business.

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