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Here Is Why You Need This

PPC is very straightforward. When done right the benefits outweigh the risk.

  1. You only pay when an interested person clicks your ad. You know where your money is going. Compare that to traditional offline advertising where you spend money in hope that your target market will engage, but you never really know.
  2. You can set your own budge and control costs. Here you can put a cap on what you want to spend per engagement or per day. And its flexible so that you may change that any time. (What you spend is dependent on competition for a keyword)
  3. You can reach your customers with right message at the right time. You can target a specific audience, location, interests or people looking for specific information.
  4. PPC can show you results quickly and you can conclude with data on how you want to optimize or improve your effort. However it should be noted that it takes time to prove ROI and it involves extensive testing spread over time of running the campaigns.
  5. You can draw lot of information from PPC to work in various ways in your benefit. Like use the keywords that convert in SEO or test waters with new offers, products or services to gauge demand and get an early look at how it is received by the target audience.

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Yes! Just sign up for 1st month free. We will guide you on whats best for your business and setup your PPC campaigns completely free.

Know If PPC Is Really For Your Business

No tall claims, Our aim is to make your PPC campaigns successful within 1 month. If not you will have reasons why it might take longer.

Ad Spend Contained Within Your Budget

We shall handle your account configuration, campaign setup, tracking, retargetting and more! The adspend may vary campaign to campaign and we are very conservative to ensure you spend least money possible testing waters.


100% Risk Free

Absolutely No Charge For First Month. Experience And Then Commit.

  • Q.What all is done in the first month?

    A.We shall use the first month to understand your business, conceptualize line of promotion, develop graphics, advert copy, landing pages, sign up forms, integrate autoresponders and tie all things together with your brand and service communication, implement pixel tracking and start running your first ads by the mid first month.

  • Q.What is the minimum expense one should budget for a PPC campaign?

    A.The main expense on running a PPC campaign is with the advertising network (ad spend). Other expenses include paying your PPC partner (us) a fee to develop, deploy and manage your PPC campaign. Setup expenses shall include buying a landing page solution like Optimizepress or and an autoresponder solution like Aweber or Getresponse. This should sum up the expenses for our clients to get started.

  • Q.What are the main activities involved in setting up a PPC campaign? How would I know if its working?

    A.From a outcome perspective we are looking at generating leads and converting them to realize ROI. PPC Campaign shall help you generate leads (get your product or services inquiries) at the basic level. Once we achieve that, we can step up our effort to warm up cold leads  and automate the sales process through a autoresponder and retargetting. When starting the target is to get leads, once that is achieved we try to optimize our leads for conversion. You know its working if you are able to achieve your goals at that stage. Finally the larger goal is to gain on ROI which may take bit of time 4-8 months in general.

  • Q.What is contained in the $200 per month PPC management. What if I want to scale up fast say from 3rd month of getting started

    A.The $200 per month PPC plan (from 2nd month) is the basic solution to get your feet wet on PPC for your business. As we work together and cross initial milestones, we can set new goals and agree on ad spend budget and reasonable management fees on case to case basis. It is recommended to run PPC for at least 6 months to conclusively infer what works and what does not in a given line of business.


  • 1

    Information gathering and business Research

  • 2

    Account Administration, App integration, Website Integration, Creative and Copy writing

  • 3

    Setup first set of ads and landing pages to begin testing

  • 4

    Start working on success points and run high response campaigns

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I have made this absolutely risk free for you to give it a try. That tells a lot about how confident I am to making this a success for you. Once you sign up we will kick off your campaign within 7 business days. You will have to keep this on priority and align yourself or a resource with me for first 7 days to be available on call.

Pay Per Click Management

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