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Video Is Fun

Think about it, for most of the people reading is like work but watching videos is fun. Nielson reports 45 % increase in year on year basis for watching videos. Your clients most of the times want a quick and snappy explanation of what they are looking for, Good for you, an animation video is also known to bring down the natural "Defence Gaurd" to the sales pitch or training workshop.

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When was the last time you saw sheep talk, pigs fly, and elephants float in the air? Did you say it’s ridiculous and wondered where they got all this crap from? I bet you didn't.

The truth is you have never tried to rationalize a cartoon you ever saw. Ever wondered why that is? Well, something magical happens when we watch cartoons. Psychologists call it "The suspension of disbelief" This term was coined in 1817 by the poet and aesthetic philosopher Samuel Taylor Coleridge. This, basically, means that the audience is willing to overlook limitations of the medium and even take the burden of getting into such state to experience an engagement of the mind.

Well, that's the reason that Superman, Spiderman, Tom, and Jerry, or Garfield still have your attention and you don't burden yourself with rational and reasoning on how Superman is still hiding his identity or how can Spiderman do all the acrobatics with that mask on.

Hi there, welcome to, The Full Service Digital Marketing Agency  and We will get your Story Animated!

Most of the businesses, professionals, trainers, and speakers have one thing in common. They want to communicate with their audience. Hold on to their attention and convince them to try their ideas, products or solution. But all of us know that this doesn’t come easy. We have more and more distractions around us and now that’s not limited to the drifting minds of our audience. We keep distraction in our pockets as mobile devices and get bombarded with sales and promotion pitches all the time. In short, we have our guards up all the time and we simply turn a blind eye or snap to multiple things as we keep on losing interest and intent to the things at hand.

While in the real world, you may hate absurdity and find it in all the places like a seasoned detective, cartoons just compel you to lower your guard and not let you ask those critical questions you are very fond of.

Our grown up detail oriented approach makes it almost impossible for us to see the bigger picture that someone wants to convey, and we have a tendency to get in too much detail to overwhelm ourselves. Cartoons can, in fact, let you do the exact opposite that too in a simpler and cost effective manner with very high retention rate.

Using cartoon adds up a level of abstraction that allows us to ignore petty details and focus on the bigger picture.

The biggest problem companies, businesses, and individuals face is putting across a message in simplistic and non-threatening or pushy manner. We don’t want to get bombarded on the face about the product features.

People want to be sold on a vision with them in picture reaping immense rewards. This can be extremely difficult to create in a “real life character” because it will hit straight on the “critique” chord and demolish the plot with validity and reason before it can be spun into a complete story. That is much easier and effective to do using a cartoon. In short, cartoons are all about painting the bigger picture and glossing the details.

The moment we get a sensory stimulus, our subconscious mind starts discussing it, and a subliminal debate rages in our mind. Cartoons have the power to quickly get into your prospects head and tap into this subconscious debate. This ultimately helps you establish a dialogue and engage with the customers thought process. With this, the story is not just registered in our mind but also lets us recall frequently when encountering a similar plot in real life.

If you want the viewer to pay attention to logic? Use speech but if want to trigger emotions use images. Do I have to mention now that a combination well used can virtually grip the audience? A well-animated story of around a minute can do all the work that your unending presentations or reams of documentation can’t do.

So there you are. Let's get started, shall we? Just click the button below and sign up. You don’t have to prepare anything or worry about the details. We provide you with a free consult on how you can use animation in your best interest, so Let's get talking at the earliest!

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  • Want a video but not sure where to start?

    No worries we work with you to develop a concept if you don’t have one already. Every business is different and needs to address unique pain points of the customer. We understand that, and help you device a script that effectively communicates with target group.

  • We take contineous feedback and improve

    We partner with you to develop your story and then adapt it in best possible way to connect with your viewers, This is achieved by a continuous feedback loop as we understand no body knows your business like your do.

  • Deliver the right message

    We need to compel our audience to watch the full video, but that is just the half job done. We also need to ensure that they take the action we want them to. We understand that and we shall ensure that your pitch is seamless with the call to action.

Drive Better Conversions

  • Communicate Better With Your Viewers

    People don’t just prefer video they even comprehend and retain it better. When you want to drive a traffic with a purchase intent you got to use animation video. Video are well known to increase conversion rates by double digits.

  • Videos are Longlasting and Live Everywhere

    Videos are extremely versatile, portable and viral. Video can live on your site, can be emailed as an link, be shared on YouTube or social media, be used as an advert on trade show booth or even used as an icebreaker on training or presentation platforms.

  • But Why Animation Video?

    Well animation videos help you connect with your audience through feeling and entertainment. Opposed to mind numbing objective message that pulls in all the guards and quickly becomes boring.

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Animation Videos Boost Conversion

Animation videos are known for a better connect, effective communication, retention, and the most important; much better conversions!

Professional Solution To Your Video Needs

We Do Proper Research & Study Your Market

We understand that your business is unique and needs to bring in a fresh perspective in a competitive market. For all projects big and small we ensure proper due diligence to ensure we create a compelling copy.

Discounted Editing/Repurposing

Once your video is created and effectively used. We shall bring in fresh perspective on how it may be improvised and used in different ways. You might also want to run split tests and optimize conversions. What ever the case may be you will love our flexibility.

Your One Stop Solution To Video Animation Needs

No fret! We can help you spin great animation video for your diverse needs. From a kiosk advert, to explainer, special event or a product launch. Sign up now and lets get talking.

  • Customization To Blend Into Your Brand Communication
  • Delivery In High Quality HD Resolution
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